Clothier and Watts Families


Header Graphic Image from Pat Geary. Photograph taken at Peaks of Otter Lodge, Bedford, Virginia.

Primary Clothier Sources:
ms Viola Mather 1973
ms Elizabeth Stahl 1970

Primary Watts Sources
ms Maude collier 1934

Some Clothier and Watts Families Info

This site contains a compilation of family history and genealogical information for several thousand people with surnames Clothier and Watts, and including hundreds of related surnames.

Clothier Families of New England, Canada, and Midwest

Our information begins with the first known Clothier ancestor, our colonial emigrant from England, a Jeremiah Clothier. Starting at the Connecticut colony, the Clothier family migrated to western Mass and then to the upper Hudson region of NY state. Then to western NY and on to Kansas and  the Midwest. From NY, some Clothiers protested the American revolution and went to Ontario, Canada as Loyalists. Others joined the Morman pilgrimage to Utah. Some Clothiers continued to California. Our immigrant was a dissenter, meaning he was a 'newer' Protestant and not Church of England. He arrived in Connecticut as an indentured servant. Most of his descendants today follow Jeremiah's Christian leanings, typically mainstream and fundamental. Other Clothiers of the Quaker religion came later to Pennsylvania and are not included here. The reader will find thousands of people listed here that will confirm an expectation that genes developed from the rural occupation 'Clothier', from Southwestern England, continues to shape the lifestyle and work ethic of American Clothiers, today....many farmers!

Watts Families of the South and West

The Watts family in America is much larger than the Clothiers, So the present site will list a relatively smaller percentage of the Watts population in America. Because there were many more Watts emigrants from Scotland and England and we follow only one, here.We include the branch, starting with a John Watts, who emigrated to Virginia and started a family that spread westward, mostly living in southern tier states: Virginia, Kentucky, Missouri, via the Cumberland Pass, and later on to Oregon and California via the Oregon Trail. One of the most notable traits of this Watts family is that they made good use of 'land grabs', acquiring land for free, or on the cheap, as they moved westward. They resold, moved, repeated, and this was the basis for their wealth. We also see a Watts preference for entrepreneurship over traditional farming. The dominant religion of this Watts branch is the Presbyterian church.

Interactive Family Tree

For starters, we invite visitors to click on either of the "Interactive Family Tree" buttons, at the left. This will bring up the online program PhpGedView, which allows searching and charting. There are now over 1000 relatives, most of which no one will care about. Nonetheless ,we ask relatives to add to this data. Problem is, this on-line program, PhPGedView, is sometimes hard to update. One needs to be logged in and study the help secion. So we enter all the peeps data using another, super easy desktop program called Ahnnenblatt. We are asking family reps to do the same, using a portable version of Ahnenblatt (runs on usb stick). Then we have to export the contributed ancestry files (Gedcoms) and upload to the on-line program. And repeat that process whenever there is new people info. Note that most living people have only name information displayed. This is for privacy. So, one must be logged in to view the younger people's details.

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